At first, Awesomegirl was only an idea that K.T. Karo had while writing a book. However, that idea became so strong that it took the author on a wild ride of imagination. One could say that the book "Awesomegirl: The Betweenworld" has written itself. A whole new world was created. It was full of life, weird but charismatic characters, and action. This world was too good to let it fade away. That's why we've decided to not only keep the novel's universe alive but also to push it towards a more creative vision that comic books can achieve. Thinking about how awesome the story of season 1 is, we've decided to make it entirely free for everybody to see.

Awesomegirl season 1 – the story:

After her difficult journey through Betweenworld and saving the world, Amber (Awesomegirl) is stuck in another dimension. Still having her superpowers, which the flying orbs gave her, she decided to continue her mission as the New Branson city's superhero. Together with Torin (Nightdude), they keep the citizens safe while the city is rebuilding after the interdimensional attack. Everything seems to be going well for them, but Amber's fate has different plans for her... Who's the mysterious thief? Will Amber ever see her home again? And what is really going on?



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Awesomegirl: Season 1

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Stories for your imagination.

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Stories for your imagination.


Awesomegirl: The Betweenworld

A young student, Amber leads a quiet life, and it would seem that nothing can disturb it. She has no idea that government agencies from two different worlds have involved her in a conflict that threatens both civilizations. The girl and her friends decide to act. Will they be able to save the worlds?

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979-8-6930-8128-4 (paperback)
978-83-958483-3-9 (ebook)
Polish Edition:
978-83-958483-5-3 (ebook)


The heroes, villains and more.



Real name: Amber Murley

She is slowly getting used to the realities of the new world. Still longing for home, she finds a new way to forget about what happened. Together with her friend (Torin/Nightdude), they decide to become real-life superheroes and protect the city of New Branson.



Real name: Torin

City: New Branson

An easy-going and a bit crazy eighteen years old.



Real name: Julie Kaneko

City: New Branson

A helpful seventeen years old, with a dark past.



Real name: Vlad

City: New Branson

Creepy at first, but an excellent friend. Russian inventor that migrated to the US at a young age.



Real name: Felix Warens

City: New Branson

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